Bansha National School

Permanent Teaching Staff 1879 to 2019

Denis and Stasia McCarthy were the third and last teaching couple and the second and last to live in the teachers' residence. Joe Hurley, who succeeded Denis McCarthy in 1963, lived there briefly with his wife, Maura until their private residence in Bealaha was completed. The teachers' residence was then sold to the McInerney family who continue to live there. Margaret Clancy replaced Stasia McCarthy in 1959 and taught the Junior Classes, which included her own children, until 1980.


Maura Egan was then appointed and a year later in 1981 she became the first female principal on Joe Hurley's departure. Due to low enrolments in the 1980s the school was a one-teacher establishment for twelve years from 1981-1993. Martina Sexton was appointed assistant in 1993 when enrolment had reached 29 pupils and seven years later became principal on Maura Egan's transfer to a learning-support position in 2000. Clare Linnane became assistant in the same year. In 2007, Neil Crowley was appointed assistant.

Summary of permanent teaching staff 1879-2010

Coleman Assistant 1879, Principal 1879

Reilly(Keily?) Assistant 1879

Lillis Monitor 1879, Principal 1883-1925

Lennon Assistant 1891-1924

McCarthy Assistant 1924-1959, Principal 1926-1963

Margaret Clancy Assistant 1959-1980

Joe Hurley Principal 1963-1981

Maura Egan (Assistant 1980-1981), Principal 1981 - 2000

Martina Sexton (Assistant 1993-2000), Principal 2000 - Present

Clare Linnane (Assistant 2000 - Present)

Neil Crowley - (Assistant 2007 - 2012)

Tom Ryan - (Assistant 2012 - 2013)

Mary Cahill - (Resource 2012 - present)

Deirdre Cotter - (Assistant 2013 - 2015)