Bansha National School

Bansha was Different

Bansha was the first school in the Killard parish to join the new National System of Education. It was also the only parish school that had a teachers' residence. A third difference was that it was a Board of Works school. In theory this meant that the Office of Public Works would maintain the school and subsequently it received half the annual grant from the Department of Education enjoyed by most other schools. In practice school maintenance left a lot to be desired. Fr. Lynch negotiated a change of status for the school before his retirement as P.P. in 1995 and since then the school receives the normal primary school grants which have increased dramatically in recent years.


The Revised Primary Curriculum states that “History is not the story of the past but rather our attempt to reconstruct and interpret elements of the past which are of interest to us.” The foregoing has highlighted significant incidents of the history of the school over the past 125 years - the establishment of the school, the land League boycott, the 1926 appointment controversy, names of teachers, pupil numbers and recent structural developments.


It is interesting to note that in the early years three successive teaching couples taught in the school, two of which lived in the teachers' residence. efforts to build a central school in Bealaha seem plausible from an outsider's viewpoint but the locals have always vehemently opposed such proposals. Now on the brink of a major expansion Bansha School is adapting to modern educational needs. This has been made possible by phenomenal fundraising efforts in 2003 with a very successful race night in Downes', Bealaha (25 July 2003) that collected almost €19,000. It is testimony of a belief in the future of the school for another generation of Bansha children.


This extract was taken from the Bansha School Publication “Ag Dul Siar”,

It was produced for the 125 anniversary of the school in 2004.


Ag Dul Siar

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