Bansha National School

140 Years Ago

Thirty years after joining the system the present Bansha N.S. was built in 1879 with the aid of the Commissioners. Grant aid to the value of two thirds of the cost of the school was provided. The manager Richard Stacpoole was the local landlord who resided in Eden Vale near Ennis. The staff of the old school transferred to the new school with Patrick Coleman as headmaster and his wife Mary as an Assistant.


John Reilly (Keily?) was also an Assistant and Thomas Lillis was a Monitor. A year later in 1880 the Land league boycotted the school. Attendance dropped to three pupils (children of Patrick and Mary Coleman) and the teachers' salaries were cancelled. Patrick Coleman was a surveyor and employed by Richard Stacpoole as bailiff and turf measurer. This situation incurred the displeasure of the Land League and led to the boycott, which lasted from 20 December 1880 to 12 February 1883. In the meantime Patrick Coleman retired as principal.